First Response Environmental Group (FREG) has an extensive experience in the dismantling, demolition, and decontamination of all types of buildings and structures including industrial facilities, steel tanks, commercial and residential buildings, chemical processing equipment and pipelines. Our broad array of expertise allows us to perform demolition under a wide range of conditions. FREG has the ability to dismantle a structure in its entirety or perform selective dismantlement.

  • Structural Demolition
    Structural demolition refers to the tearing down, destruction, breakup, razing or removal of the whole structure, or of free standing machinery or equipment. Depending on the size and complexity of the structural demolition project, First Response utilizes hydraulic equipment, elevated work platforms, excavators, bulldozers and/or dump trucks to complete the project.
  • Select Demolition
    Our select demolition service specializes in removing only the unused or aged portions of commercial or residential buildings, therefore bringing life to the remaining structures.  First Response has the expertise, equipment, and personnel to get the job done safely, effectively, and on schedule.
  • Hazardous / Non-Hazardous Materials
    Before any demolition project begins, there are many steps that need to take place, including performing asbestos and lead abatement and removing / hauling both hazardous and non- hazardous materials away from the demolition site. Since First Response personnel are certified in the proper handling of lead, asbestos and hazmat materials, we can manage all aspects of the demolition project in-house.